Web Design Plans

A website is a living thing. It needs constant nurturing to grow into a healthy lead generation tool for your business. That's why at GenNext, we don't do one-off websites - we're all about web design plans. We're your reliable partner with one intention - to help your business grow.

You could pay a web designer an up-front fee to build a good-looking website - but what use is a modern website design if it doesn't make you any money? Need a change made? Your time has value. You shouldn't have to waste it fiddling around with website updates when you could be working on your business, building your future. So you pay a web designer an hourly fee to make some changes.

You need SEO. Web hosting. Domain renewals. Content creation. Blog posts. Soon enough, the up-front and monthly fees build up, and you're still not seeing the results you want. “I thought this was supposed to be easy!”

Choose GenNext. We're a reliable partner for your business, always on-call to take care of your website needs. Our fixed monthly fees are great for cashflow — you don't need to worry about your website any more, everything is taken care of for you.

We truly care about the success of your business - and want you to have a beautiful, mobile-friendly website. All our website plans include ongoing content creation, blog posts and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We never give up on our number one aim - getting your business to the first page of Google and converting website visitors into buyers.

We're not your average web designers. We don't use cookie cutter websites here - we custom build every website from the ground up. After all, your business is unique - so why shouldn't your website be?

Monthly Website Plans

Why should you pay a web designer to download a template and change some colours and images? We think that's a bit rough.

You won't find us using off-the-shelf templates here. All our designs are hand-crafted PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript - meaning your website will load faster than the competition.

We use the industry standard WordPress content management system to allow you to edit your website with ease. We develop our own plugins for any functionality your website requires. As part of our web hosting, we'll also keep your WordPress installation up to date and protected from hackers.

Having a fast loading website doesn't just improve the visitor's browsing experience - Google now use page loading time as an important ranking factor. Having a fast loading website will improve your ranking on the major search engines better than any other technique.

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